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 AI-driven solutions platform DXwand secures $4M funding to propel Conversational AI to companies in MENA
Ching-Ping Lin

DXwand, a tech company that is revolutionizing conversational AI, has raised $4 million in Series A funding to support its aim of changing customer service and staff help for businesses in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The milestone in funding signifies the company’s dedication to meeting the region’s unique linguistic needs, with the development of AI solutions tailored particularly to Arabic and its regional dialects.

DXwand, founded in 2018 by CEO Ahmed Mahmoud, was formed in response to a clear market need in which existing AI solutions from Silicon Valley failed to adequately service the Middle East’s language variety. Recognizing this gap, Mahmoud set out to design a platform that seamlessly automates text and voice-based interactions for enterprises, customers, employees, and citizen-facing government services.

This AI-driven solution by DXwand can comprehend colloquialisms in both Arabic and English. This feature helps the platform close communication gaps and offer a more organic and situation-aware dialogue experience.

This approach maximizes lead generation and sales conversion by collecting priceless data from the automated dialogues. As a result, DXwand’s utilization of conversational AI facilitates client acquisition and retention methods, which in turn improves the general efficacy and efficiency of regional businesses.

Soon enough, the company saw a notable two-fold increase in yearly recurring revenues in 2023, reaching an impressive $5 million.

With companies realizing how important it is to have individualized and contextually relevant interactions, DXwand’s platform has the potential to significantly change the way employee assistance and customer service are provided in the Middle East’s diversified industries.

DxWand went through the Orbit program in 2021.