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Innovation for lasting impact

Trusted by Pfizer, VISA, Anheuser-Busch InBev and governments worldwide, Orbit has brought the force of innovation to global institutions for the last decade. Beyond events and workshops, we have led multi-year operations that take our innovation partners from idea to lasting impact.

Case Studies

Understand how innovation labs within corporates and governments can excel in their mission with Orbit

The pillars of innovation

Fast track to commercialization

We pride ourselves on our strategic alliance with over 300 co-investors and corporate partners, who are themselves innovative organizations with novel ambitions and challenges. Our track record of taking companies from ideation to commercial success starts from analyzing these real-world problems first, ensuring that no innovation exists in a vacuum. Startups from anywhere have become globally competitive through early exposure to potential clients and contracts with Orbit’s partners.

First-hand intel from industry pioneers

The Orbit mentor community of over 500 industry leaders—the creators and builders behind the world’s most iconic companies—has been instrumental to our approach to innovation: to engage diverse, visionary problem solvers who inspire confidence in other entrepreneurs. Beyond the duration of a program, many leaders have reported that the deep, transformative mentorship they received has become a catalyst for change.

Courage to innovate

It takes courage in innovate in large organizations. People often associate “innovation” with creativity and flashes of inspiration—in reality, most innovations come as a result of a disciplined, planned and managed process. Our exhaustive program spans all aspects of ecosystem services—from curriculum to implementation and events—so that our partners can navigate the complex challenges of a transnational operation. Beyond delivering visible results, leaders will be able to foster a culture of growth, expand their network, and sustain the fruits of breakthrough innovation for years to come.

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