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Bringing liquidity to Real World Assets (RWAs)


Pritam Dutta

Co-Founder & CEO

Kaushik Muthe

Co-Founder & CTO


Company details

Interest rates for SMEs in emerging markets are 3 times higher than in developed economies, leading to a $5 trillion credit gap. Meanwhile, DeFi investors are looking for secure and sustainable investment opportunities with over $1 trillion in crypto liquidity. Zoth bridges real-world borrowers with crypto lenders, providing SMEs with affordable and faster capital while enabling crypto investors to earn attractive yields using both Stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies. In just 2 months, Zoth has deployed up to $100,000 dollars in private credit, with $2 million in the pipeline for the next 2 months. Part of the Indian government’s Web3 regulatory sandbox, Zoth is aiming to democratize alternate investments and provide opportunities for retail users to diversify into real-world assets.

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