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Orbit 5 Demo Day

Join the world’s leading VC firms at Orbit Startups’ investor-exclusive demo day in Singapore and online on Wednesday, November 1.

Orbit 5 Demo Day

Get the first look at 9 breakthrough startups from Singapore, Pakistan, Morocco, Kenya, Bangladesh, Mexico and Colombia in supply chain, agritech, mobility, fintech and more.

​Orbit is a startup program with over 12 years of investing in breakthrough companies from around the world. Orbit-backed companies have raised over $728M in total, a 10x increase of our initial investment.

Participating Startups


In Latin America, selling as a supplier to hotels is difficult due to its complex and manual processes. BeeCuick enables suppliers to view hotels’ real-time procurement needs, offer their products and expedite the sales process with greater ease and transparency.


In Latin America, 2 out of 3 SMEs die for a lack of access to short term financing due to a lack of capital supply. Meanwhile, the limited financing options often come with high interest rates. Efinti helps SMEs access affordable loans with its infrastructure to secure assets in a compliant manner from global crypto investors, who are looking for less volatile assets.


In Bangladesh, getting fresh produce from farmers to retailers is both costly and inefficient. Many layers of middlemen weigh down the supply chain, wasting about a third of produce and adding 50% to the price of the food. Fashol digitizes the entire fresh-food supply chain in Bangladesh from purchasing to logistics. Fashol’s platform reduces food wastage to only 4% while farmers earn an average of 30% more than using traditional supply chains.


MedEasy stands as the leading digital healthcare platform in Bangladesh, providing comprehensive solutions for individuals seeking healthcare services. At MedEasy, customers can conveniently purchase their prescribed medicines, access expert consultations with registered doctors spanning various medical specialties, and arrange for home sample collections. With a commitment to transparency, affordability, and quality, MedEasy strives to improve healthcare outcomes for millions of people across Bangladesh.


MyAlice is a conversational commerce platform that automates customer support and marketing for growing eCommerce and DTC brands. By integrating MyAlice with WhatsApp and other messaging channels, businesses can increase sales and engagement by delivering personalized messages at key moments throughout the customer journey, leading up to 60% increase in sales.


Afro-Asia trade is a thriving $500Bn market and growing 10% annually, yet suppliers in Asia struggle with tied-up funds in Africa, currency risks, and fraud. Pyxis securely integrates with payment institutions across Africa and Asia to enable direct, secure payments and reduce currency risk. To date, Pyxis has secured partnerships with big fintech players including Wechat Pay, Union Pay, and Mpesa and has processed millions in transactions.

Sage Health

Sage Health’s innovative platform enables healthcare organizations to efficiently manage, analyze, and derive valuable insights from vast volumes of patient data, electronic health records, and medical imaging. By automating data processing and interpretation, it enhances clinical decision-making, facilitates early disease detection, and improves patient care outcomes.

Umrah Companions

1.5M Muslims make pilgrimages several times a year to Mecca but face various challenges before, during, and after their journey, such as expensive and complex booking processes, language barriers, and lack of guidance of ritual protocols. Umrah Companions, which has secured exclusive licenses from the Saudi Tourism Authority, takes care of the entire planning, travel, and post travel process, including flights, bookings, local guidance, and e-visa.


In Africa, 400 million people struggle with buying tickets and planning their trips with public transportation due to inconsistent service schedules, limited digital payment infrastructure, and fragmented transport networks. Weego is the first aggregator for both public and private transportation in Africa, where customers can plan, book, and pay their tickets directly on one single app. Weego is currently operating in 6 cities between Morocco and Senegal and is expanding rapidly in Africa.