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Apurva Kumar
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Apurva “Apu” Kumar is the CEO of LOTaDATA. Apu, also an acronym for “Accelerated Processing Unit”, has extensive technology experience in geostatistics, data science, mobile analytics, and machine learning. LOTaDATA’s proprietary AI transforms mobile geospatial data into “People Intelligence” (trademarked) for smarter cities and enterprise businesses. As a GovTech 100 company, LOTaDATA builds and maintains daily-refreshed anonymized knowledge graphs about people presence, activity, and movement for 1300 cities at a global scale. Prior to LOTaDATA, Apu held foundational roles at successful technology startups like BlueStacks, Phoenix (acquired by HP), and mySimon (acquired by CNET). His startup street cred is complemented by his leadership experience at Fortune 100 companies like Hewlett-Packard. Apu has a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences & Engineering from Stanford University. When he is not globetrotting, deal hacking, or teaching tennis, Apu spends his time helping local communities. He strongly recommends the civic tour of duty for technology companies to invest in and contribute to the improvement of local neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

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