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Grace Ng
API Access

Grace is an entrepreneur, product designer, developer, and neuro-artist advancing the intersection of creative production and impactful creation. She is the Co-Founder of, a platform to help entrepreneurs build successful new startups and get to product market fit, and Lean Startup Machine, a global entrepreneurship workshop in 60+ countries. She has helped thousands of people turn their ideas into impactful new businesses, been a guest speaker at The U.S. White House, a guest lecturer at several Ivy League Universities, and appointed to lead Global Shapers Shanghai Hub by World Economic Forum. Through her work helping others achieve what they thought was not possible, she has developed a global view on the barriers to human potential, and now creates art to raise awareness of subconscious limitations and further unleash human possibilities.

As an artist, Grace develops interactive experiences to inspire human potential using emerging technologies like brainwave sensors, VR/AR, and AI. Within months of debut, her work has exhibited in San Francisco, Singapore, and Shanghai. She believes anyone can be a creator and, through her work, hopes to inspire others to live creative, impactful lives.