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Shamik Talukder
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hamik Talukder
Hailing from a small but famous town of Varanasi in India where he grew up, he is now a global citizen and shuttles between West Coast and Asia. A visionary realist with over 24 years of experience. A Media & Entertainment Global professional & tech advocate known for his pioneering work with celebrities across 17 countries in convergence of Media & Technology. He is credited with revolutionizing the airport media in India, was the starting member of the largest Radio FM network in India, was a key member of the hit squad which introduced Reality Television to Indian television and was the Country Head India for a global music streaming platform Rdio. A set up and start up ace who has run operations across 10 countries. A multi faceted personality who also a key member of a Classic Rock Tribute band, plays Football, avid biker, captures contrails and follows flights.