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Zohaib Ali
Cohere Developers

Since graduating from LUMS in 2014, Zohaib has been on the lookout for a transformational role in a legacy industry: a role easier dreamt of than executed. Having acquired a knack for financial trading, Zohaib’s first tenures in the financial markets were lucrative yet strangely unfulfilling. Pivoting from financial trading to take up a senior management position in his family business, Zohaib soon came across the traditional barriers associated with expanding a legacy business and hence started exploring the rising tech-business wave hitting Pakistan (hyper-scale is what he is drawn to the most).

In January 2019, he started Airlift Technologies, a smart-bus solution designed to cater to the mass transit market. Since then, Airlift has gone on to become a household brand, transporting hundreds of thousands of passengers weekly, having raised the region’s largest Series A round in record time.

After Airlift, Zohaib launched Dastgyr a B2B e-commerce marketplace connecting small retailers to suppliers in Pakistan. His day-to-day role at Dastgyr involves driving the business forward on its journey to become Pakistan’s largest B2B e-commerce solution.

When Zohaib is not disrupting the world of B2B e-commerce, he is actively searching to trade shares of listed companies on the NYSE and to invest in regional startups. Zohaib can usually be found on coffee breaks with Pakistan’s political elite or you can often see him beating his personal best on the jogging tracks.

His ultimate aim is to create an Artificially Intelligent (Ai) Hedge Fund and to build a self-sustainable fund to alleviate poverty in the region.