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BetterPlace acquires Indonesia’s staffing platform MyRobin
Orbit Startups Team

BetterPlace, a software startup that helps companies such as Inc. manage their frontline workforce in India, acquired Indonesian blue-collar staffing platform MyRobin to expand into Southeast Asia.

The company also appointed Sandeep Uberoi, a former managing partner of Singapore’s Jungle Ventures, as president to help its expansion. Jungle and Macquarie Capital are among investors that have backed Bengaluru, India-based BetterPlace, which most recently raised $40 million as part of a Series C funding round.

“We plan to expand into other countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea and then the entire Asia region before entering the Middle East by 2026,” BetterPlace Chief Executive Officer Pravin Agarwala said in an interview. “I convinced Sandeep to join our global leadership team to help with our operations, strategic partnerships and growth.”