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Local transportation company BusCaro receives $1.5M funding, revolutionizing safe public transport in Pakistan
Ching-Ping Lin

A safe and affordable commute should be a basic human right,” says Maha Shahzad, the Founder, and CEO of Pakistan-based startup BusCaro (Orbit 2023), which has recently received $1.5 million in pre-seed financing.

BusCaro is a ride-sharing service that has partnered with minivan and minibus suppliers, as well as organizations like businesses, factories, and schools, to provide safe and convenient rides at an affordable price to its customers. The company has adopted a unique model that has helped to reduce fuel costs for its transport partners while keeping its customer acquisition cost almost zero.

BusCaro places a high priority on passenger safety, particularly in light of the numerous reports of sexual harassment by women using public transportation in Pakistan. To provide a more secure commuting experience, BusCaro has implemented several features, including an in-app panic button, driver background checks, anonymous identity protection, and real-time location sharing.

The founder of BusCaro, Maha Shahzad suggests that using minibus and minivan drivers can offer both affordability and profitability. According to her, a typical BusCaro trip will cost approximately 150 rupees for the passenger or the partner to pay the fare. In comparison, the same trip might cost 800 rupees using a rideshare vehicle, or 1,400 rupees if a taxi is used instead.

According to the company founder, this method has already helped reduce Pakistan’s carbon emissions by over three million kilograms annually. Shahzad predicts that there will be a further increase in this figure in the future thanks to services like BusCaro.

The company’s target market includes approximately 7 to 8 million passengers in three cities, which suggests significant potential for growth and increased revenue. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, BusCaro is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory and deliver high-quality transportation services to its customers across all of Pakistan.

Currently, BusCaro operates in three major cities in Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The company is serving over 20,000 bookings a day, and it’s on track to profitability in early 2024, having launched in 2022. With its commitment to safety and affordability, BusCaro is becoming a popular choice for commuters across Pakistan, enabling people to travel with ease and convenience.