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Growing up in a multinational background, Wei has her BA majoring in Business from the University of Southern California in the United States, and an MBA specializing in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Prior to obtaining her MBA from Hebrew University, Wei also worked as a business development specialist in various industries, such as trading and human resource in the US. During her MBA studies in Israel, she also interned at an international financial and business consulting firm.

Wei has a passion in entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem. During her MBA studies in Israel, she also participated in several startup projects and impact investment seminars. All of these experiences have given her the opportunity to build the tool sets in order to enter the startup ecosystem, and also given her a passion to start her own business in the future.

Her diverse educational experience and working experience across a variety of industries, have helped her to develop strong teamwork and communication skills across different work cultures. With this background, she seeks to leverage her knowledge and experience as a Strategic Partnership Specialist in Orbit.