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Laurent Megret

Director at Wise Wings

Laurent Megret

Director at Wise Wings

A business leader & entrepreneur with over 30 years of diversified international exposure in business developments, operations, and executive management, committed to core business values, people and integrity, in bringing lifestyle brands to their next level of growth. Laurent has a passion for building and scaling businesses.

Highly skilled and primarily engaged in daily operational aspects of corporations’ organizational matrices and start-ups, Laurent looks after very specific niche markets and put tremendous efforts into inspiring teams to deliver growth, while stressing the importance of adaptability – especially in the rapidly changing global environment.

Global Experience

Seasoned professional network strategist, Laurent’s life extended across Paris, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, where his strong expertise in running entire businesses and from Reinsurance Captive to Luxury industry and Consultancy, brought him to work with prestigious fields names including, PAC Team Group, EATware®, THG Paris®, Sticky Steps®, Volevatch Paris®, and Wise Wings®, among others.

Primarily involved in the Greater China region, as Board Director, Managing Director, and Director as well as within specific advisory roles; He has also served as a board COO of the then USA listed EATware®.

Executive Coaching

With the ability to influence and inspire at all levels, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of business cultures and environments, he enjoys working in very dynamic international and multicultural structures. Laurent affects real changes in people and increases business performance in organizations.

Driven by his passion for public speaking on leadership and communication topics, Laurent is a regular speaker at various professional and semi-professional events. It is during his journey towards innovation that he became particularly interested in the evolution of critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills, as well as in mind mapping. He conducts assessments, webinars, workshops, keynotes, and coaching at managerial and executive levels. He is also a published author.

• Executive Management
• General Operations
• Brand Management
• Supply Chain Relationships
• Executive Coaching

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