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Tony Hsieh

Founder, VROOL Tech

Tony Hsieh

Founder, VROOL Tech

Working Experience (Retired in general by 2020)
Metaverse Remote Coworking Development

Past Work experience:

Media and Property: IP Licensing, VR development, RE Entertainment/Retail Mall design, Site planning, and Entertainment Licensing.

Founder/General Manager/Dir of BD of Internet, and property service firms in Greater China.
Digital Integrated Marketing
– Video Engagement, Online Advertising
Integrated Marketing Planning, Strategic Planning, Digital Planning, Event Planning.

China Property and Investment
Worked on real estate project investment memo, financial analysis, execution risk due diligence, and asset evaluation.

China Real Estate Development Process:
Property management planning, government policy and relations and system analysis.

Entertainment Commercial Property Development

Setting up offices in China:
Startup development/partnerships and M & A.
Oversee company structuring, and growth. Fundraising.

Property and Facility Services:
Optimized service management, contract evaluation and negotiation, flow logistics.
HR & training of hospitality, facility service and maintenance staff.

Video game graphics,
Food and Beverage
Local residential property, Import/export/manufacturing/distribution of Hotel and Maintenance products.
Hemp CBD development and research for China

Back ground:
U.C. Berkeley Grad, Small Business Committee (Am-Cham Shanghai 2000), 2001 APEC Delegate (YLE, SME), Founded SH Chapter of YEO SH. (Now EO)

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