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Born and spent many years of his early years in the US, Wayne Huang is an internationally recognized cybersecurity expert instrumental in developing innovative blockchain-based solutions currently used in several emerging markets that help cross-border merchants to overcome the dollar liquidity shortage issue.

As a leading technologist, Wayne has a deep understanding of how technology, if used correctly, can be used to bring positive changes to the world.

Before founding XREX, Wayne served as VP Engineering to Proofpoint (NASDAQ: PFPT), where he spent 5 years building and growing TAP (Targeted Attack Protection) from 0 to $350M+ in ARR (annual recurring revenue), servicing 9 of the top 10 US banks, and 56 of Fortune 100.

Prior to Proofpoint, Wayne was Co-Founder and CEO to Armorize Technologies, which was successfully acquired by Proofpoint in 2013.

Wayne frequently speaks at cybersecurity and blockchain conferences, including: ABS 2020, 2019, Chain-in 2018, BLOCKConscious Summit 2018, SecTor 2018, Blockchain Technology Conference 2018, Swiss Cyber Storm 2018, BlackHat US 2010, BlackHat APAC 2017, DEFCON 2010, RSA USA 2007, 2010, 2015, 2016, RSA APAC 2015, Hack in Paris 2017, Troopers 2016, AusCERT 2016, Virus Bulletin 2016, SteelCon 2016, 2016, HackFest 2016, SyScan Taiwan 2008, 2009, OWASP Asia 2007, 2008, Hacks in Taiwan 2006, 2007, WWW 2003, 2004, and PHP 2007.

A diligent blogger about cyber threats, Wayne’s research has received worldwide media coverage, including reports in Reuters, Forbes, IDG, USA Today, Wired, Dark Reading, The Register, The Hacker News, HackerNoon, SC Magazine, eWeek, Threat Post, CSO, and Krebs on Security.

Wayne received a PhD in EE from National Taiwan University, and a BS and an MS in CS from National Chiao Tung University. He holds two US patents on source code analysis.