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UNL is a smart micro-location infrastructure and new generation mapping technology startup building the Internet of Places – a digital 1:1 geodata twin of the physical world.

UNL thinks about location differently to solve some of the biggest hyperlocal challenges that traditional mapping hasn’t been able to do so far, starting with addressing, geocoding, dynamic routing and self-healing maps.

For this, UNL pixelizes the world in a 3D smart grid to digitize physical locations and create an infrastructure to interact with them via unique, verifiable digital addresses – UNL geoIDs. On ground, indoor or up in elevation, UNL geoIDs can address locations with a micro-precision of up to 1x1cm².

Via the UNL Platform, businesses can create and manage their own Virtual Private Maps and location data, tap into DIY tools, modules and apps to build scalable solutions with location intelligence at hyperlocal scale.