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With over 20 years of multi-faceted work experience in China as a professional accountant, entrepreneur and private equity investor, Katherine has been involved in over 150 investment deals throughout this period. These experiences have shaped her business acumen, empowering her to offer professional advice to companies at varying stages.

Katherine established CanAsia Group, a management consulting firm with offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong in 2008 and has been providing financial due diligence services and financial related strategic advisory services to venture capital funds and their investee companies, focusing on the e-commerce, Online-To-Offline (O2O) and high technology industry. The business is now extended to provide acting CFO services to high growth companies.

Katherine is currently acting as the CFO of a well-known O2O company, allowing customers using mobile apps to book cars for private and corporate use. Katherine has provided consulting services to other significant e-commerce companies in China, some of which became publicly listed companies (IPO) in the USA.

In 2005, Katherine co-founded a private equity firm (Centerstone Partners), where the firm succeeded in building a green field project in the pharmaceutical field in China (obtaining FDA approval and selling to the US) with an initial capital raise of USD 83 million. The firm has office in east coast of the US and in Shanghai.

In her prior life as a Big-Four auditor, Katherine travelled and lived in many cities in China leading IPO audits for Mega groups such as China Mobile and Sinopec.

Katherine’s most recent project is CanFreee. This product aims at tackling one simple deficiency in the world of accounting – who knows where did the cash go? This SaaS aims at streamlining management processes in venture backed startups and small medium enterprises(SMEs). CanFreee has just been launched and is getting feedback from users in order to improve the functionality of it.