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William is a British-Venezuelan design and technology entrepreneur, architect and designer living between London and Taipei. William studied in the USA and graduated Summa Cum Laude. He has spent the last 17+ years in the design/ communications industry with the first 4 years of his career spent heading the graphic communications team at two newspapers in the USA and the remaining years producing and leading architecture and brand creation projects for various clients.

Most prominently he worked with leading British architect Norman Foster for over 5 years. During all this time William built a competent and complete understanding of the whole design process cycles for all kinds of design projects in different industries and for different types of clients.

Having a holistic view of the design processes allowed William to notice there was a gap in the market for a service that would maximize design production in a much more rapid, efficient and affordable manner.
William looked for ways to maximize design productivity by creating processes and systems that would allow creating a Standard Service Offering (SSO) that acts as a product.

One that allowed for speedy turnaround times whilst offering the same quality results as the services he saw as slow and inefficient.

William is building The Futures with the premise that the way creativity is delivered today needs to evolve and change for good. The Futures is neither a marketplace nor an agency, The Futures is real & human creative talent backed by tech. The Futures is changing the way you get design forever.