Check out Orbit 6 Demo Day in Dubai

Join the world’s leading VC firms at Orbit Startups’ investor-exclusive Demo Day in Dubai and online on Wednesday, Jun 21.

Event Details

Get the first look at 9 breakthrough startups from the UAE, Thailand, Kenya, Singapore, India, USA and Colombia in climate tech, healthcare, martech, Web3, mobility and more.

Orbit is a startup program from SOSV (US$1.5B AUM) with over 12 years of investing in breakthrough companies from around the world. Last year, 3 Orbit companies closed US$40M+ rounds including Pakistan’s largest Series A. Riding on the momentum, we’re thrilled to introduce another exciting cohort to an invite-only audience of select investors. Sign up for our in–person networking event in Dubai or join global investors via Zoom.

Participating Startups

Flashaid (Easy Aspataal)

About 400 million people in India don’t have health insurance, and 10% of uninsured people fall into poverty every year because of unaffordable medical bills. Flashaid offers a preventive health plan for less than $3 per month. Learn more


Tato is a social media platform designed to promote positive mental health—a fun, safe place for teens to express themselves and explore the world. On Tato, young people can join their school communities, participate in online events, engage in games, and make new connections, all while using avatars and protecting their privacy. Learn more


MySyara is transforming the automotive industry with its on-demand car care services, with its user-friendly app, transparent pricing, genuine parts and unbeatable service quality. Learn more


TradeTogether is a Singapore-exempted Web3 fintech company that makes investing in the $1 trillion crypto market easy and stress-free with basket solutions that protect investors from market downside risk. TradeTogether has processed over 2.5 million in trade volume, serving accredited investors and financial institutions worldwide. Learn more


Zoth bridges real-world borrowers with crypto lenders, providing SMEs with affordable and faster capital while enabling crypto investors to earn attractive yields using both Stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies. Learn more


Goka is a blockchain-enabled marketing campaign launcher that allows anyone to create and launch engaging Web 3 campaigns in 2 minutes, connecting with and rewarding real customers instead of bots. Learn more


Muta, a clean-tech startup, is digitizing the recycling industry in Latin America, buying recyclables and then selling them to industrial transformers. With Muta, businesses and households can earn money from recycling, while collectors can double their income with a proper job in safe working conditions. Learn more


Tappi helps SMEs build their online identity in 2 minutes, with full-stack commerce and marketing tools to find customers online. Tappi is serving Africa’s 45 million SMEs, which provide about 80% of jobs across the continent. Tappi’s app is being distributed for free through mobile operators, with over 20 million SMEs in its network and growing 21% month-on-month. Learn more


Our food system is broken: 1/3 of the food that we produce goes to waste. For restaurants, up to 14% of their sales end up in the trash every day. Yindii fights against food waste by helping restaurants and retailers cut losses and increase revenue by selling unsold food to consumers through its mobile app. Learn more